The 12 digital days of Christmas – Day 6

By James Nadal | 11th December 2018 | 8 min read

Our not-as-delicious but eminently more useful alternative to the chocolate advent calendar!

Day 6 - IRIS Payments

We’re not quite yet at the ‘last minute’ shopping stage but if you’re unlucky enough to still need to be buying gifts this coming weekend in your local town centre then the inevitable Christmas checkout chaos awaits.

But at least you’ve got your Yuletide dosh ready in your wallet and you know what to get.

What’s that, you say? You’ve got a problem with your festive fund? Not enough cash to buy your Christmas presents?

Why’s that? Your clients haven’t paid you in time, you say? You’ve had lots of late payments that mean that you’re chasing clients through December, when you’re supposed to be getting ready for the busy season.-What a nightmare!

This really isn’t good. Your time of merriment and mirth is descending into misery.

The solution

If only you had seen the new IRIS Payments. Recently launched, this free service enables your invoices to be paid faster and gives your customers a secure and simple way to pay you online. When you ask for approval for an activity, you can make a payment request in the same OpenSpace notification. Clients can click on the link and make a credit card payment online.

We realised this is a big problem for you, even more so when 71% of accountants named chasing clients for payment and wasting time as one of their biggest challenges. IRIS Payments has automated payment reminders that chase overdue invoices, to drastically improve cash-flow within your practice, and it enables cash to be paid typically within 5-7 days.

A panoply of payment types

Having to take payments in so many different forms – including cheques, cash, direct debits and BACs – can be a challenge in itself. It makes the process disjointed, with different costs for each payment method.

IRIS Payments enables you to unite all payment methods for a fixed fee. Lost cheques become a thing of the past. It’s such a simple process and it means smaller practices can now accept credit and debit card payments. You can receive payments easily, it’s all online, and money goes straight to your bank account. No hassle.

Faced with your current out-of-pocket gift buying dilemma, you’ll probably be putting IRIS Payments on your own Christmas wish list.

To discover even more features and hear more about how it can help your practice, click here and call our team on 01753 212 599 or email

We’ll see you tomorrow for the seventh digital day of Christmas. Meanwhile, it’s queue confrontations and grappling for us as we’re off to Late Night Shopping this evening to buy the goose, the crackers and the brandy that we forgot last Sunday!