The 12 digital days of Christmas – Day 7

By James Nadal | 12th December 2018 | 9 min read

Our not-as-delicious but eminently more useful alternative to the chocolate advent calendar!

Day 7 - OpenSpace

We know that dilemma all too well. You’ve got a third of the way through December and you have still got a stack of Christmas cards to write and send.

What do you do? Send them late and hope for the best? Not bother sending them this year? Send an email instead?

The post can be unreliable and rather erratic at the best of times, let alone the busiest period of the year. Things get lost or don’t turn up on time. You worry when you send a gift or perhaps some money or a cheque in your card that it could be opened by an unintended recipient.

A postal problem for life, not just Christmas

It’s not just a problem with Christmas cards though, is it? It feeds into a bigger issue. You have to confront this conundrum about the post on a daily basis in your business.

Do you send sensitive, important client documents by post? Do you risk them disappearing and never reaching your client or getting into the wrong hands? Do you rely on it to get vital approvals signed off in time for crucial deadlines?

We haven’t even mentioned the ever rising costs!

For that reason, on day 7 of the digital days of Christmas we’ve chosen to talk to you about IRIS OpenSpace and the wonders of eSignatures and eApproval.

You don’t have to worry about any of the potential pitfalls of putting these important letters in the mail.

It’s highly secure, quick, totally dependable.

Clients will love the ability OpenSpace and e-signatures give them to easily review and sign from anywhere, on any device, be it their smartphone, tablet or computer.

For you, it saves all the hassle and time of arranging documents to be signed. You can scrap the costs of buying the paper, printing and postage. eSignatures is seamlessly integrated with the IRIS Accountancy Suite.

Some other reasons why it’s great to use eSignatures:

 Saves you valuable time by streamlining client document review and signature into one simple step

 Allows clients to add their signature by uploading it as an image, drawing on their touch device or typing it

 Fields are pre-populated to prevent extra workload and improve accuracy

 Gives a security certificate, applied once the document is signed

 Seamlessly integrates with IRIS Suite and uses the same workflow as IRIS eApproval

So, isn’t it time you ditched snail mail and made your next move towards being a fully digital practice? Our excellent Client Success Team can assist you in getting set up and explain more ways you can make the shift from paper to digital. Call our team on 01753 212 599 or email

Talking of late letters, we’ve just discovered somebody left our wishlists to send Santa on the window sill – they’re not in the post! Aargh! How is he going to know what we wanted?! Anyone got his email address?

We’ll see you tomorrow for day 8…