The death of email

By Toby Lester | 12th October 2015 | 2 min read

“Email is not the enemy of productivity, but the time we spend processing it is.”

Back in 1991, there were only three million email accounts - a figure that’s since climbed to more than 3.1 billion, according to figures from eMarketer. Today, there are more than 90 trillion messages sent to and from those accounts each year.

However, according to email provider Sendmail, 90% of those messages are spam, and although filters sift out the majority of junk, the average inbox is still filled each day with new clutter – which is discouraging many of us from reading our emails.

It would be fair to say that for many people, receiving emails has become far too much like hard work – having to move messages from our inbox into separate folders in the hope we’re not missing anything important in a mass of spam.

Sanctuary from the madness of email

For parents, there simply isn’t time to search through hair product advertisements and “50% off” emails to find those important messages from schools. It’s likely that these rare, yet important emails get lost in an ever-growing world of spam, which means your communications from school to home aren’t as effective as they once were.

With the latest version of ParentMail, parents can download a free APP where all their messages are safely stored away from the hubbub of email.  It means they can instantly receive school messages, event invitations, forms to complete and even make payment for school bills without the need to search through a busy email inbox.  The fact that all this can be done on a mobile phone or tablet, means parents can respond immediately and conveniently and that message alerts come through in real time so there’s never a delay.

At ParentMail, we like to make things easy for parents, so that schools get a better response. By making it as simple as possible for parents to pick up important messages, it means information is read, and actioned, instantly.

Our new parent App is now being used by 300,000 parents with nothing but positive feedback from schools and parents – with one school telling us, “One father actually came into school to tell us that he had received the notification on the App and booked his parents’ evening appointments instantly – completing the whole process in less than 5 minutes. He couldn’t believe how easy it was.”

Don’t let important school messages become ignored or lost in busy inboxes – contact us at today to find out how we can ensure parents receive everything right into the palms of their hands at the moment you send it.