Valuing learning and development in your business (even when you’re too busy)

By Anthony Wolny | 11th March 2020 | 7 min read

Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

In our fast paced ‘always on’ world, lack of time is an everyday complaint. And all too often, this means that the things we want to do are sacrificed for the things we have to do.

Unfortunately for many time-poor UK businesses, employee learning and development is one of the items that falls by the wayside.

But there are three important reasons why even the busiest of businesses should be prioritising learning and development:

  1. Employee retention: your employees want to work for a dynamic, innovative business that they can learn best practice from. If they start to feel stagnant in their role, with no opportunities available to grow, they’ll simply look elsewhere.
  2. Innovation: learning and development isn’t just about giving your people opportunities; it also provides your business with new ideas, fresh motivation and an enhanced skill set – and this leads to innovation and improved competitive advantage.
  3. Building a strong employer brand: having the ability to promise an environment that values learning and development raises your businesses reputation as a great place to work, also supporting employee retention.

However, with that said, many HR professionals tell us that, while they understand the value of encouraging learning and development, they still struggle to find the time to prioritise it.

But that’s where Cascade can help.

Call 0344 815 5528  to speak to our expert team about how Cascade can help streamline your people processes, as well as assisting the management of your learning and development strategy.