We’ve enabled you to bulk delete – and here’s our new guide on how

By Pauline Smith | 25th June 2018 | 15 min read

It was a subject that was worrying customers and one they kept raising with us in the build up to GDPR day.

The ability to bulk delete clients.

So, in response to demand, IRIS Accountancy Suite now enables you to do that. We’ve enhanced the single client delete process to make bulk deleting possible and easier to perform within the software.

Why is this important and useful?

Some accountants may have kept outdated client details on their database for many years and lacked a firm incentive for having a clear out. But GDPR gives you a reason to have a spring clean, introducing the individual’s right to be forgotten and for data to be stored only for as long as required.

You’ll likely want to undertake an initial database purge, then you’ll need to regularly review which clients have left.

That’s where the new bulk client delete option becomes really helpful, enabling you to do this easily.

It can also save you lots of time because the process can be left to run on its own when you finish for the day, rather than during valuable working hours.

We’ve created a whole new guide on data protection to help you understand how to use all of the new features and where to locate these within the suite. This also offers advice on using categories to help you flag up which clients have moved on. Click HERE to see our guide in full.

Further related upgrades you may not know about include:

  • Simplified Time & Fees de-registration
  • Tax submission removal 

How do these help?

These upgrades simplify the process for deleting clients considerably, streamlining the process. They cut the need to go to separate places to carry out a deletion. Previously, if you wanted to delete clients who were already in Time & Fees you would have faced multiple separate steps. Now, however, it can be achieved in just one.

The same thing applies to tax submissions. In the old version, if you deleted a client, you couldn’t remove submissions that were logged, and you had to go to a specific submissions screen to do it separately. Now it’s all done in one place, in one process, both for single and bulk client deletions.

Data that is entered and saved in the suite can be deleted with the appropriate staff permissions. 

How to do it

If you want to delete on a client by client basis, select: Client | Delete

If you want to delete for clients in bulk, select: Client | Bulk Delete or System Maintenance | Bulk Delete

If you want to delete staff, select: System Maintenance | Staff | Staff Maintenance | View | Delete

Our new Data Protection: Guidance section also covers four other areas. These are:

  1. Security
  2. Enhanced security
  3. Data accessibility and portability
  4. Data accuracy and rectification

Click HERE to see our guide in full.

Client delete enhancements are only a few of the new features in the latest IRIS Accountancy Suite. Others include:

Enhanced password security

  • Composition - increased characters, special characters and case recognition etc.
  • Obscured and encrypted
  • Improved reset process
  • Ability to set security and password policies

Enhanced data security

  • Files saved locally are now encrypted/relocated e.g. Companies House files and logs
  • Utility access to tax XMLs using staff login & permission

Data Portability enhancements

  • export of client maintenance data via JSON, CSV and XML
  • Audit trail for client creation and delete processes

IRIS would like to make clear that, as GDPR regulates the use of personal data, no software can be called “GDPR compliant”. However, IRIS products will support you in meeting your obligations under GDPR.  For more details, see Data Protection at IRIS.

Do you have other questions about GDPR and IRIS products? If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our FAQs HERE.