Why Upgrade to an Electronic Locker System?

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

An electronic locker system is the way to provide secure and convenient locker access to your employees. Lockers are easier to access, and offer greater security than key locking when it comes to protecting valuables.

The convenience of an electronic locker system

An electronic locker system does away with keys. Instead, employees can use a smartcard or fingerprint to access their locker.

So, whether it is just general lockers provided to employees, or lockers in a gym or shower facilities, BioStore’s approach makes them so easy to use. The same one authentication can be used by employees to access the office building, log on to computers, collect printing, collect catering and of course, access lockers. No more multiple passwords, keys or tokens to remember for different things around the office. Everything is accessed the same simple way.

Electronic locker systems are incredibly convenient to manage. Reassigning permanent lockers is easily managed when there is no key to be redistributed. And lockers that are ad hoc are just as easily manged. One locker can be used by several different people throughout the day as needed, without the need to pass a key from user to user.

Boost security while cutting costs

Electronic locker systems are also a securer option. Lock and key style lockers will always be susceptible to thieves who can pick the lock or force it open. A locker, with a hidden mechanism, that is activated with a scan of a fingerprint or smartcard is much safer.

The cost of managing and maintaining the lockers is more cost-effective too. There are no keys to replace for a start. And with the lockers being safer, there are less break-in maintenance costs to deal with.

Electronic locker systems are more flexible for offices, cheaper in the long-run, and most importantly, more secure.