Would You Lock up Your Office Lunch?

By Alan Gregory | 19th September 2019 | 7 min read

If you’ve spent time in the morning, or even the night before, constructing a beautiful office lunch to help you get through the day – or if you’ve gone out and bought your favourite snack – when you store it in the office fridge - there is nothing more frustrating than finding someone else has claimed it as their own and devoured it. How far would you go to stop office lunch thieves?

Fighting back against office lunch thieves

There’s a part of all of us that would want to get revenge against office lunch thieves. A little part of us would want to deliberately contaminate our next meal as a trap. But poising your co-workers is not the most advisable course of action. One more sensible approach that has been suggested recently is zip lock fridge bags that have a combination lock.

That’s the idea behind a recent Kickstarter campaign. You can safely store your office lunch away inside the shared fridge in a bag with a lock. It’s a far more sensible approach, even if it is maybe not the coolest look. No one particularly wants to be known as the person who locks up their lunch – but it’s your food at the end of the day. It’s better to be the person locking up their food than the inconsiderate person stealing others’.

Regardless of how you go about protecting your office lunch, it’s a shame when such situations develop in the first place.

Why an office cashless canteen is the optimum approach

At its best, an office lunch is a time that brings unity between employees, not division. If colleagues eat together, they can bond and improve their collaborative work. Getting a healthy meal that fuels the rest of the working day is just as important.

A cashless catering system integrated into an overall identity management database is the best way to encourage a positive office lunch culture. With cashless catering, you can make the office canteen convenient, valuable and an attractive option to employees.

Everything is paid for in advance. Employees use a simple authentication method like a biometric, smartcard or PIN to authenticate their identity and collect their meals.

When you create a system that employees are invested in, see the benefits of, and it becomes their regular go-to-option, you create a catering environment that works in your business’ best interest.

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