3 reasons why you should attend the IRIS World Virtual Payroll Conference

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By Anthony Wolny | 17th March 2020 | 13 min read

Our IRIS World Virtual Payroll Conference is taking place on 26th March, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, bringing together leading figures from the payroll sector.

The conference will be packed with the latest thinking, extensive expertise and technological innovations.

But are you still debating whether you should attend?

Here are 3 key reasons you should be prioritising our Virtual Payroll Conference!

1) Business continuity

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, business continuity will play a key role in our Virtual Payroll Conference.

Now more than ever, ensuring your payroll team has flexibility needs to be at the top of every business’ priority.

To support, we will be taking a look into how our Hosted Payroll service can enable your payroll team to work from home.

We will also look at how outsourcing your responsibility to our Managed Payroll service can help eliminate single points of failure during times of uncertainty.

2) Guest speakers

The Virtual Payroll Conference won’t just feature expert speakers from IRIS, we will also be welcoming the following talks:

Samantha Mann, Policy & Research Technical Lead, CIPP

Join CIPP payroll expert Samantha, who will explore the next wave of payroll legislation, the impact it will have and provide insights into how you can prepare for it.

James Herbert, Founder, Hastee

James will be exploring the financial health of the UK workforce which has been deteriorating significantly in recent years, leading to UK businesses beginning to suffer through reduced productivity and increased absenteeism.

3) Keep up to date

Throughout the conference, our IRIS payroll experts will be sharing insights into the latest technological advancements and legislative changes.

Whether you’re looking to learn about upcoming legislation or simply want to work smarter not harder, our conference will be providing a vast amount of information.

Register now!

We’re ecstatic about our IRIS World Virtual Payroll Conference and we’re looking forward to sharing our industry-leading insights with you, so what are you waiting for, reserve your place today.

Also, don’t worry if you can’t make the conference on the day, we will send a recording to anyone who registers.