A Day In The Life Of… IRIS’ Senior Bureau Manager

By Sam Thomas | 10th January 2017 | 17 min read

For the first in our ‘A Day In The Life Of’ series, we spoke with Claire Treadwell, the Senior Bureau Manager for IRIS HCM.

Claire has been with the company for five years in a variety of roles and now heads-up our payroll outsourcing team which processes payroll for over 650 businesses of all sizes and industries across the UK.

I have worked as an on-site consultant for payroll and HR software. My role was to implement systems and ensure clients were set up correctly. I have also managed a busy helpdesk, so lots of experience helping people.

Usually we have a morning catch up to see how the payrolls are progressing. During this we update the board to show how each payroll is progressing, last BACS dates and any urgent payroll queries.

After that there is no such thing as a normal day. It varies depending upon the time of year and if its key payroll processing time. I deal with a lot of queries from both customers and sales people and these vary wildly. This can be anything from how something is calculated to reviewing new legislation. I also deliver training to both teams.

I helped design IRIS OpenEnrol, the online AE communications portal. Prior to IRIS OpenEnrol, all pensions communications had to be generated manually by clients. Now, by pressing a button AE communications are submitted directly to your SMART phone.

For a number of reasons. But mainly due to the complexity of payroll legislation. Since the launch of RTI, payroll is becoming gradually more complex. Outsourcing means that the company can concentrate on what they are good at, rather than learning complex legislation.

Having an in-house team can be expensive. Payroll is sporadic with more required at the end of the month rather than the beginning of the month, meaning there is down time for employees. Finding the right people is difficult and training can also be costly. IRIS have a fully trained and qualified team of payroll experts that provide that service.

As the legislative burden increases I think more people will look to outsource their payroll. It offers a cost effective solution.

Providing a friendly, helpful and compliant service.

My team. I love working with them. They offer a great service, with a great sense of humour.

Trying to keep up with demand. As a team we are growing rapidly, people are always wanting to fit one more payroll in this month.

I love baking. My granny was a professional cake decorator and I have followed in her footsteps, creating some weird and wonderful sugar craft cakes. Everything from wedding cakes to Star Wars characters.

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