Belmont Group Car Dealership Payroll Case Study

By Louise Mulgrew | 13th July 2015 | 13 min read

Emma Paton, Group Personnel Manager of Belmont Group is responsible for the payroll and has been for the last 5 years.

Emma explained that they used to have a standalone payroll department until the company restructured and the payroll was amalgamated into her job role. This gave Emma a payroll to manage with over 200 employees across 9 car dealerships on top of her already busy day-to-day tasks.

Emma further explains that:

“Earnie Executive has certainly streamlined our processes and it will continue to help streamline our processes even further as we become more confident with the use of the software and the different aspects that are a part of it.”

One of the other main aspects that helps Belmont Group is the time saving aspect of the Earnie Executive software. Emma explains:

“Yes, once you get to know the software you’ll find that it is easy to navigate, great to use and saves us at least one day per month.”

You can read more about how Earnie Executive helps Belmont Group to save time, streamline their payroll process and concentrate more time on other activities. The software also allows them to manage their payroll that has many of it's employees split across multiple different sites.

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