Bristol Airport takes off with Earnie IQ

By Matthew Thompson | 11th November 2013 | 7 min read

UK airports are centres of operational excellence. Every year in one hub they employ thousands of staff; move millions of people; juggle thousands of flights; handle millions of pieces of luggage and deal with everything from the weather to terrorism.

By 2015 Bristol Airport predicts it will be handling more than 9 million travellers each year. For any growing organisation, installing integrated systems and software with the capability to process and accurately report upon all operations is practical. To an airport it is essential. That is why the Bristol Airport finance team decided to review its existing payroll requirements. It was essential they had an integrated package that was fast, accurate, reliable and easy to use.

Following an extensive product evaluation programme, Earnie IQ ticked all the boxes to meet the growing payroll requirements of an expanding international airport. Earnie IQ is particularly suited to the demands of a larger organisation as it utilises SQL technology to allow the processing of large numbers of employees.

Payroll Officer, Nora Phypers, project managed the installation programme in conjunction with the Airport IT team with minimal disruption or downtime. Nora commented: "It soon became clear that the old system was not capable of delivering whar we needed. We have a direct workforce in excess of 200 so vitally needed a system with the capability to integrate payroll and HR information."

Because Earnie IQ can be linked to a range of accounts, BACS, time and attendance and HR systems it provides organisations with maximum flexibility. The system allows for a high level of configuration with bespoke reports, payments and deductions that include formulas and net-to-gross payments and up to 10 levels of analysis.

"From the outset the Earnie software has proved fast, effective and accurate. All upgrades are delivered well in advance and the support team is extremely helpful."

To find out more about Earnie IQ or to request a quote, visit the Earnie IQ page.

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