Five Reasons for you to Consider Payroll Outsourcing

By Sam Thomas | 7th June 2016 | 13 min read

Outsourcing payroll has become an option that many organisations are looking at after the introduction of RTI and automatic enrolment.

Businesses can outsource their whole payroll function or enjoy bespoke tailored service from an external provider that allows a company to focus on their own expertise.

We’ve written a free 12-page guide titled, ‘5 reasons to outsource your payroll’ which introduces and discusses the top five reasons why you should consider payroll outsourcing for your business.

The five reasons expanded upon in the blog are:

1) Minimise your legislative stress

2) Save time and effort

3) Reduce your costs

4) Utilise the experience of experienced payroll professionals

5) Improve efficiency

Additionally, the guide reveals the 15 things you should be asking when choosing a payroll outsourcing provider, how payroll outsourcing can affect automatic enrolment and your employee’s pensions, and an introduction to the IRIS Managed Payroll Service.

The IRIS Managed Payroll Service

The IRIS Managed Payroll Service is the complete payroll outsourcing solution and is used by over 650 UK businesses of all sizes. By outsourcing your payroll, we understand that you’re looking to free-up your time and reduce the stress and hassle of running your payroll in-house. Auto enrolment is the biggest shake-up in payroll so naturally The IRIS Managed Payroll Service had it covered. The IRIS Managed Payroll Service helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that the pressure is taken off you.

The handy Payroll Outsourcing Calculator is a great way of getting a comparison figure on how much outsourcing could save your business, compared with how much it currently costs.

You can download the free guide, ‘5 reasons to outsource your payroll’ using the button below.

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