Have you seen Aviva’s auto enrolment planner?

By Louise Mulgrew | 27th October 2015 | 14 min read

The Aviva auto enrolment planner allows you to stay on top of your auto enrolment from way before your staging date meaning that you will be on your way to being fully prepared.

The detailed plan allows you to select the certain aspects of your auto enrolment journey and read up on the help guides that accompany the certain stages.

There is a printable "upcoming tasks" element that allows you to see which jobs are on the horizon to help you plan your auto enrolment in a timely fashion.

When you visit each aspect of the planner, you can see the different jobs that are needed in each section to complete that part of your auto enrolment plan.

IRIS works with all of the main pension providers such as NEST, The People's Pension and NOW: Pensions; to name a few. This allows IRIS to maintain a good relationship with pension providers and ensure the best auto enrolment solution for you.

But why plan early?

This seems like a counter intuitive question but realistically, there are many businesses that are leaving auto enrolment preparation until the last minute. When you see the plan that aviva helps you to set out, you will see just how much work needs to be done to prepare yourself and your business for auto enrolment.

This is definitely not a piece of legislation that can be complied with at the last minute. Preparing early decreases the likelihood that you will be non-compliant by the time your staging date arrives.

Another aspect of the Aviva auto enrolment planner is the fact that it can not only be used by businesses, but also by advisers.

Advisers can enter the respective staging dates of all of their employees and from this, have generated for them a plan that shows where all of their clients are up to (or should be up to).

There are also alerts on there to help advisers realise when certain tasks are approaching.

The image above shows the account before businesses have been added to it for tracking but you can see that there are options to add new employers, create custom plans amongst other administrative actions. The "latest status" feature allows you to see at a quick glance the status of your employees and where abouts they are in terms of being on track for staging.

This auto enrolment planner could work as a guide to help you prepare for auto enrolment whether you are a business or an adviser (such as an IFA or accountancy practice)

To ensure that you keep up to date on the specific legislation for auto enrolment, you can attend IRIS courses to learn about the legislation and how to remain compliant. These courses run on a regular basis and are available for you to attend at an event near you or from the comfort of your own desk via an online seminar.

To find out more about the IRIS Training courses including auto enrolment legislation training and auto enrolment within your software, follow the link below.

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