How do you feel about e-payslips?

By Matthew Thompson | 17th March 2014 | 7 min read

Are you considering making the switch from paper payslips to e-payslips in your business? Perhaps you have already made the transition, or do you feel that it is easier to stick with traditional paper payslips? A recent survey from Payroll World asked these questions and the results are quite interesting.

The poll, which is currently hosted on the Payroll World homepage, asked visitors to the site what their view on e-payslips was. The poll has been going on for a few weeks and so far the vast majority of participants (around 86%) are in favour of e-payslips.

54.8% of respondents said they have already implemented an e-payslip solution with a further 31.3% saying that “would or will implement” e-payslips within their organisation. Only 13.9% of people in the survey said they would rather stick to traditional paper payslips.

These figures confirm that e-payslips are rapidly increasing in popularity among businesses and are now seen as a viable alternative to paper payslips. But what are some of the reasons behind this change?

Firstly, there are financial implications of making the switch to e-payslips. By implementing an e-payslip solution you can save on stationery, postage and more. This also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by greatly reducing the amount of paper printed by your organisation.

Work patterns have changed vastly in recent years, with a steady increase in the number of people either working “in the field” or working from home, with both groups only occasionally visiting the office. With advances in technology, employees are no longer tied to their desk. With smartphones, laptops and tablet computers, workers can access emails and perform tasks from anywhere, so expect to be able to receive their payslips wherever they are too.

IRIS OpenPayslips is a secure e-payslip solution which allows you to publish payslips and P60s from within your IRIS payroll software to a secure online portal. Your employees can then access these via their PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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