How Does Payroll Outsourcing Help NHS GP Practices?

By Sam Thomas | 17th November 2016 | 14 min read

Over half of the UK's 5,800 GP practices use IRIS payroll software, but an increasing amount are choosing to outsource payroll altogether.

We recently spoke with Magnus Nelson, Practice Manager at the Fulham-based GP practice Ashville Surgery. Earlier in 2016, Ashville outsourced payroll altogether to IRIS by using the IRIS Managed Payroll Service.

We spoke to Magnus to find out his reasons behind outsourcing payroll, and how he’s been finding it so far.

After using IRIS GP Payroll to run the practice’s payroll commitments. Magnus told us that "I found the software to be user friendly and time saving, this along with the service we’d had from Support, it made for an easy choice when we decided to outsource.

“I’d always assumed that outsourcing payroll would be expensive but when I looked into it, the price was really cost effective and after the trust I’d built-up with IRIS after using IRIS GP Payroll, choosing to outsource was an easy decision to make."

Saving Time, Saving Effort

“As a Practice Manager, your work is never complete, so it’s hard to specifically pick out what I do with the time I’m saving by outsourcing to be honest. Anything that’s quicker and more efficient is a bonus because you can always move on to your next task.

“I don’t spend much time on payroll anymore, but interestingly I feel much more on top of it. I prepare the payroll information early in the month and highlight anything which stands out to IRIS. I’m not as actively involved anymore and as such save a lot of time by not having to deal with HMRC, maintaining filing and admin, those sorts of things.

“Since outsourcing, I take less than half a day on payroll each month, so it’s saving me around a days’ worth of work each month which is great. My job is less stressful with regards to payroll since we outsourced. I wasn’t a payroll wizard when I started here, but payroll is definitely easier now.”


Magnus told us that he’s already recommended the IRIS Managed Payroll Service to two other Practice Managers, and would continue to do so. He told us “The time and stress it saves, the access to expertise and the general peace of mind means I’d have no hesitation to recommend the service.”

You can read more from our Ashville Surgery case study here.

Making the Switch

If, like Ashville Surgery, you could use the time you’re spending on running payroll on something more efficient, speak to us today about payroll outsourcing with IRIS. IRIS has specialised in payroll for over 37 years’ and this experience means we fully understand all aspects of payroll to be able to offer you a first class service; ensuring you are legislatively compliant whilst paying staff accurately and on time.

The IRIS Managed Payroll Service is recommended by 80% of clients, we use our own, HMRC-recognised software which enables us to tailor your payroll to your individual requirements.

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