How is IPP supporting bureaux?

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By Anthony Wolny | 21st May 2020 | 11 min read

Not all payrolls are made equally, and few understand this as much as bureaux who handle hundreds of unique clients on a daily basis.

We saw this challenge and responded by creating IRIS Payroll Professional (IPP), a solution that is designed specifically for those managing multiple payrolls.

To get a greater understanding of our solution and how it helps bureaux achieve payroll excellence, we spoke with our IPP Professional Services Manager, Eanna Cullen.

Tell us a little about IRIS Payroll Professional’s inception

IPP was built because we were dealing with a large number of bureaux and accountants that were looking for payroll software that could easily manage multiple payrolls while keeping them all separate.

We analysed this challenge and then structured every part of IRIS Payroll Professional around it, including the software functionality, pricing, implementation, training and customer support.

What specifically makes our software perfect for bureaux?

It's all about usability, as all payroll software must do the same thing, where we differ is that we've built on the core functionality and simplified the processes so professionals can run payrolls quickly.

For example, if a bureau is running hundreds of payrolls all with variable pay and different data formats, it can be extremely time-consuming and prone to human error.

To resolve this issue, we have a specifically designed interface and an Import File Convertor (IFC) that allows bureaux to standardise their data mapping, streamlining the process for each clients’ payroll. 

This same principle is also applied to our export functionality, enabling you to save bespoke reports to meet client-specific needs, resulting in quicker reporting each month. 

How do we meet specialist requirements?

As mentioned, our software was created to handle the complexities of bureaux.

But as payroll professionals know, the industry is ever-changing, so we've had to frequently adapt our offering.

To do this, we actively engage with bureaux and also monitor legislative changes so we can always provide the best functionality such as Expats, Pay Spines and CIS requirements to name a few.

How does our customer support differ?

If a bureau requires support, they can't afford to wait for the issue to be resolved as they have multiple other payrolls that need running.

Our award-winning IPP customer service team is structured to deal with this demand.

We aim to resolve queries quickly and if that’s not possible, we'll take away their issue so they can conduct their other payrolls in the meantime.

To adhere to this support model, our response time has to be extremely quick, around a 10 sec call waiting time is what we aim for and we also look to resolve 60% of queries in the first contact.

This support model is key to our success with bureaux as we understand they haven't got time to wait, so we take their queries away, solve them and come back as fast as possible.

More information

If you’d like more information on IRIS Payroll Professional and its features, check out the product page here.