How is IRIS OpenPayslips helping UK businesses save time and money? [Video]

By James Nadal | 19th February 2015 | 13 min read

With more of the working population than ever before using smartphones and tablets to access e-mails, browse the web and pay bills, it makes sense that an increasing number of UK businesses are turning to this medium to distribute employee pay information. 

At the Earnie Customer Conference in November we spoke to customers to find out why they use IRIS OpenPayslips, a communication feature of the IRIS AE Suite™ for their payslip distribution and the reasons why they would recommend it to others.

Watch the 90 second video to learn the benefits companies such as Silverstone Circuits and Robert Dyas have seen since going digital:

Firm of accountants Donald Jacob and Partners have been using IRIS OpenPayslips since August and partner at the firm, Colin Taylor has been thrilled with the results:

“Publish payslips in the cloud and each employee uses his own e-mail address to go and access them for as many years as you can publish them – remarkable – so simple to use.   It has saved us at least 20 hours per month.  The cost savings are immense – we are saving on the cost of payslips, envelopes, postage and time.”

If you want to try IRIS OpenPayslips for yourself and see how much time your business could save, sign up for a free 30 day trial or contact the sales team on 0344 815 5700.