How To Quickly Manage Payroll With IRIS Remote Payroll Entry

By Sam Thomas | 13th October 2016 | 13 min read

Manually collecting and processing payroll data is time consuming and inefficient. But, what if there was a solution to reduce the time required?

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IRIS has created a revolutionary solution to manual payroll data processing, one which both reduces the admin burdens and the possibility of mistakes being made – the IRIS Remote Payroll Entry module.

The IRIS Remote Payroll Entry module consists of pioneering new features in your payroll and a ground-breaking new app for your clients. Via the innovative IRIS Remote Payroll Entry portal, the onus of manually entering payroll information is put back on your client, removing the need for you to complete this task. This time efficient process enables you to spend time on more profitable functions.

Key Benefits Include

  • Controlled access to payroll
  • Efficient and hassle-free payroll for your clients
  • 24/7 access to payroll
  • Easy configuration and use
  • Built-in payroll reconciliation feature

Since time is of the essence when payroll deadlines need to be met, IRIS Remote Payroll Entry simplifies any last minute payroll adjustments you may have from your clients. Payroll information from your clients is received directly into payroll ready for processing. This negates the chances of inputting errors.

All of this information received by clients is ‘hashed and salted’ for added security, and user access to the database is protected by Microsoft’s Windows Azure built-in security. This means that information and sensitive data is protected at all times for peace of mind.

Removing Hassle and Reducing Time, the Complete Solution

It’s quick and easy to receive completed timesheet information, from your clients and send it into payroll.

If your client has sent you payroll information, simply click a button and it will be ready for you to process. If you wish, you can choose to view this information prior to processing.

Taking the Next Step

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