IRIS Auto Enrolment Glossary of Terms

By Louise Mulgrew | 2nd July 2015 | 13 min read

When it comes to auto enrolment, the legislation is enough to confuse anyone. Add to this the multitude of differing terms and acronyms for you to remember and things seem to get even harder.

So, IRIS have put together a free Auto Enrolment Glossary of Terms guide that you can download and print off as a handy guide for all of your auto enrolment and payroll needs.

Included in the guide is a background about who NEST are, the different criteria to determine the different types of worker status for auto enrolment and also information on The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

You can keep it as a handy Glossary of Terms which will be extremely useful for you to have as a quick reference point. This means that if you are on the phone to TPR or your pension provider and they throw a load of pensions and payroll jargon at you, you are readily prepared!

Click below to view your IRIS Auto Enrolment Glossary of Terms.