IRIS contributes to Aviva Auto Enrolment guide

By Sam Thomas | 21st December 2015 | 13 min read

Aviva auto enrolment guide As the auto enrolment staging date for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) approaches, it's important that business owners take notice and prepare for the changes quickly to ensure that you and your business are prepared beforehand to avoid the predictable rush as each staging date draws nearer.

To make the changes go smoothly, the Government, pension providers, and payroll software developers are all producing as much relevant and helpful content as possible to ensure that SME owners have as much information about the changes as possible. This is because small businesses like yours are so important to the UK's economy, that we all want the transition to be easy and hassle-free to ensure you can continue to operate without any problems or delays.

IRIS Software recently contributed to an Aviva guide regarding the changes and worked with some of the industry's most influential organisations to write about our respected expertise where payroll and auto enrolment are concerned. Our Senior Product Manager, Claire Treadwell contributed towards the paper on IRIS' behalf, and wrote about auto enrolment and how it has - and will - affect the industry as a whole.

Claire joined the industry back in 2001 and has a wealth of knowledge regarding the changes. In the document, she writes about her interest in the changes, and about why it's important that SME owners take the new legislation seriously as their staging date approaches.

Claire also talks about the most frequent questions she receives from SMEs regarding auto enrolment and provides some helpful guidance which she has built-up from over a decade in the industry. If you're an SME owner and are yet to begin auto enrolment, then this guide can prove helpful as you begin the process.

As well as Claire's contribution on IRIS' behalf, there are also insights from leaders at the British Chambers of Commerce; M&MR; Defaqto; the University of Leeds; Asquith & Co.; and HFM Columbus respectively.

The document is a great source of information regarding all things auto enrolment and is available for download and viewing via Aviva's website, please click on the button below to locate it: