Marketing Tips For Building A Payroll Business

By Sam Thomas | 23rd March 2018 | 16 min read

An Increasingly Convenient Industry

Building a payroll business makes a lot of sense in the current market for a number of reasons, not least of which being technological transition. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the promulgation of technology in daily life have changed the modern business environment.

Consider this: today it’s feasible for your business to outsource employees entirely using the cloud. Of course, it will depend on your business; but there are quite a few positions today that aren’t hands-on. Consider a department store, as a for-instance. The larger the department store, the more customer service needs it is going to have.

When there is a large contingent of customer service needs to attend to, it becomes necessary to categorise clientele and funnel them the right direction. Walmart has stores internationally. They’ve definitely got telephone divisions that just serve to route calls, but require human interaction. The thing is, the job isn’t terribly intensive in terms of tech.

With the right internet connection, this job can be completed by employees wherever they happen to be. There is no need to facilitate an office space, which saves tens of thousands in rent, and increases profitability for a company. The practice is called BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device.

Now a juggernaut like Walmart may have so many needs that they’re unlikely to make such a switch en masse; but many startup companies and developing ones stand to experience prime advantage through just such a strategy.

Operational Bottlenecks

The hang-up comes in processing payroll. Oftentimes the way hours are logged, whether work is taken on a case-by-case basis, where employees are in the organisation, associated legal requirements and benefits, and many other factors make calculating payroll very difficult. So these businesses outsource such responsibilities to payroll operations who can do the job better and more quickly, saving their clients time which is better spent elsewhere within their company.

Understandably, a competitive market in terms of payroll businesses has emerged with many unpredictable factors. According to Quality Logo Products, “We all know that starting a business can be an expensive endeavour. You budget for the expected, but not a lot of people plan for the unexpected.” In order to get ahead of the unexpected, you need a cushion.

In terms of payroll business, the right cushion is likely going to be made of steady clients. You want to be in expansion, you want to continuously attain clients, and you want to reach a point where you can regularly lose a statistical quotient of customers but not experience significant losses. This requires taught, effective marketing solutions.

If you’re going to have marketing that is effective, you want to pay attention to changes in the technology world. Using technology is a real game-changer in terms of marketing, and SEO solutions can help put your online presence to work proactively. Because given the nature of today’s technological atmosphere, a payroll must have online savvy.

Optimising Marketing Strategies

For a payroll business to be successful above peers in marketing, it’s got to do a number of things. Firstly, it must establish a suite of available services which fit the needs of its target market. Secondly, there should be additional services available in marketing, but not commonly sought, which increase the professionalism communicated through advertisement.

These marketing solutions need to be diverse and available across multiple media. The mobile component cannot be forgotten. Smartphones are a prime aspect of today’s internet interface. Many people do more purchasing on their smartphones than they do on laptop or desktop computers. After all, smartphones are convenient, and interface continues to improve. Your payroll business needs to take factors like this into account.

To see the most optimal result when businesses conduct a search looking for payroll businesses, your online presence must be easily accessible wherever someone is using the web. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization—earlier abbreviated SEO—techniques help increase your visibility as a business on SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages.

Something else you want to do is get yourself reviewed, and ensure positive reviews are immediately available to those considering your services. Sometimes what you can do is write a review for a satisfied client to save them the trouble, then show them that review to ensure they approve. If they do, you can post it for them and everybody wins

Competition, Professionals, And Stats

Additionally, it’s very sensible for you to understand your competition. What are they doing, and why? Are they more successful than you in certain areas, are they less successful than you in others? Are there any situations where one peer’s payroll concentration is in an area separate from your payroll business’s? Perhaps collaboration could double marketing effectiveness for both of you.

Working with professional agencies who are well-versed in online marketing techniques makes a lot of sense for several reasons. On one hand, you’re not reinventing the wheel. You can immediately use techniques that are known to be successful, and have been vetted with other, similar clients. On the other hand, you have statistics.

It’s very important for your business to keep numbers on its marketing endeavors. You should be seeing more money coming in than that which you devote to marketing. If it’s the other way around, something must change. With professional SEO services, you can see which specific content has been the most effective, and focus more and more accurately on those methods known to serve your business.

It takes time for any operation to get off the ground, and there are always unexpected obstacles. But if you are diligent to secure the right online marketing support, and stabilize client service such that regular losses are overcome by regular success, you’ll likely see real profit from your payroll business.