Microlise Fleet Operations Case Study

By Louise Mulgrew | 10th July 2015 | 13 min read

Gill Kirk, Payroll Manager of Microlise has been working in the payroll department of Microlise for 16 years with a wealth of experience from previous employment. Microlise help their customers reduce their costs and the environmental impact of their fleet operations

Gill runs the payroll, assessing 270 employees on a monthly basis and explained that they used a previous payroll provider until adopting Earnie IQ in 2005.

Before adopting Earnie IQ, Microlise had problems with the alternative payroll provider that they were using:

“When we moved over to the alternative competitor software, it took me hours upon hours to key in the data manually because you couldn’t import data directly into the software. It really was a nightmare software”.

Microlise then made the move to using Earnie IQ and one of the main benefits to their business is the amount of time that it helps them save:

“I definitely think that using Earnie IQ saves us a lot of time. So much so that it means that we can focus our time on other things and be more accurate in other areas of the business.”

You can read more about how Microlise use Earnie IQ to save them time and streamline their payroll process by downloading the free, full case study.

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