Mitchley Avenue Surgery gives their payroll a health check with IRIS

By Matthew Thompson | 20th September 2013 | 2 min read

Dr Woolf, a GP from Surrey, had been running his own payroll for himself and up to 6 part time admin staff since 1987. Recently he made the decision to switch to using IRIS GP Payroll software after downloading a 30 day free trial. We spoke with Dr Woolf to look at why he decided to switch to IRIS.

“I had always run my own payroll for the practice and initially I did this using the paper tables provided by HMRC. As the technology developed I moved to their free software which was provided on a disc, before finally switching to their free online tool. I would always have to add my figures manually into a spreadsheet I had created and input specific arithmetic equations to handle all the calculations. As you can imagine though, this could be quite time consuming!”

This all changed however, with HMRC’s introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and changes to the free HMRC tools he had been using meaning that Dr Woolf needed to re-evaluate his options.

“RTI meant that instead of making annual returns as I had always done and was used to, I would now have to provide monthly figures to HMRC, quite a change! HMRC were also making changes to the free tools available online so I thought it was time to start exploring other options.

Initially I was referred to IRIS by a couple of friends who were also GPs and had experience using the GP specific payroll software. After using the software it was easy to see why they were so fond of it! I didn’t require any support, even during the implementation process. I simply put the disk in and I was away, it was easy!

IRIS GP Payroll is the first paid for piece of software I have used, which is obviously a change from using HMRC’s free options. Using this solution though has saved me a great deal of time when running my payroll and I would happily recommend it to other GPs!”

If Dr Woolf ever does need support, or wants to ensure he is making the most of his software, IRIS will be there to support him. Regular software updates and training courses designed specifically for GPs mean that he can remain confident that his payroll will be as efficient as possible.

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