Nearly a quarter of all UK workers have been paid late by an employer

By Sam Thomas | 20th April 2016 | 14 min read


Cascade HR, a subsidiary of IRIS, recently concluded research which found that 22% of all UK workers have at some point in their careers, been paid late by an employer.

The survey also found that as a result of this, employees experiences a range of financial complications, with some even stating that they struggled to buy food and everyday essentials, including travel costs to and from work. 61% explaining that they had been forced to borrow money from a friend or family member, and over a quarter had received late payment charges from their bank or building society.

When asked how they felt about the late payments, 86% replied ‘annoyed’ or ‘extremely annoyed’ and interestingly, 68% then reported that they were happy with how their employer handled and corrected the mistake.

Oliver Shaw, CEO of Cascade HR, said: “The issue of late payments can present some really serious difficulties for employees, who are often relying on the timely arrival of their wages so they can fund their living costs. It’s concerning to see that within some companies, late payments have happened on more than one occasion and workers are suffering as a result.

“Business owners have a responsibility to ensure they’re paying their staff members on time, on or before the date mentioned in the employee contract, so that workers aren’t suffering the costs. It’s extremely important that employers have a contingency plan in place, so that if this situation was to arise, it can be rectified quickly and consequences for workers are kept to a minimum.”

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