NEST Auto Enrolment Jargon Glossary

By Louise Mulgrew | 28th May 2015 | 13 min read

When it comes to auto enrolment, a topic that is by far the easiest to understand as it is, simplification is welcomed with open arms by the masses.

When reading the actual legislation, it is extremely hard to fight the inevitable drowsiness and confusion that ensues as a result of the laborious information presented in a not-so-user-friendly way.

Especially for small businesses. It is fine for the large corporations that have teams of people in legal departments that are fully prepared and equipped to deal with the legislative lexicon. 

And just when you think that you are getting a grasp of just what it all means, a further curveball is thrown at you in acronym-come-puzzles that you are supposed to understand without question.

Therefore, NEST have come up with a handy online glossary that will help you bust through the jargon and ensure that you know your CSV and FTP to your NDPB and PADA.

You can find the glossary on NEST's website

In addition to this, IRIS also have a glossary of terms on our website in order to properly make sure that you really know what you are dealing with.

You can find the IRIS Glossary of Terms here

If you want to find more information to help sell auto enrolment to your clients, we have put together an IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag which has a load of great information and documents such as infographics, example letters and videos.

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