Never Let Another Payroll Date Pass You By

By Sam Thomas | 17th February 2017 | 13 min read

At IRIS we have over 38 years’ experience making us experts in anything to do with payroll. We know how stressful it can be to miss a payroll date, so we have put together this FREE payroll fact card containing all of the information that you need to stay compliant for the 2017/18 payroll year.

If you miss a payroll date and submit information late to HMRC without a valid reason you may get an online penalty warning message for the first time you’re late each month and a penalty for reporting late. These penalties increase based on employee size and can range from £100 a month to £400. No one wants that added to their business costs.

With the IRIS FREE Payroll Fact Card you can get a head-start of Payroll Year End and will be payroll savvy with information on income tax, NI bands, qualifiers for auto enrolment and need to know payroll dates all stored in one place.

Be the payroll expert and download your payroll fact card today.

Download My Free Payroll Fact Card