NOW: Pensions visit the IRIS Auto Enrolment Experts

By Louise Mulgrew | 14th September 2015 | 14 min read

NOW: Pensions enter the IRIS Boardroom to train the IRIS Auto Enrolment Experts on the functionality of their pension scheme.

Alex McKenzie, Strategic Partnership Manager and Andy Rimmer, Regional Partnership Manager came in to educate our sales staff about how easy it is to set up a scheme on the NOW: Pensions website and there was also an opportunity for the experts to ask questions.

This is extremely beneficial for you because this means that if you are talking to one of our auto enrolment experts about a potential pension provider, you will be given informed, relevant answers about where to find more information and the resources that are available for you when deciding on a pension scheme.

Over 45 staff received training from NOW: Pensions, helping to complement further their knowledge of auto enrolment and pension providers.

Continuing with the theme of continuous knowledge and training for our staff; after visits from NEST and The People's Pension it was the turn of NOW: Pensions to come in and train our teams.

While being pension agnostic as a company, it is still very useful for our sales staff to gain knowledge and insight around the pension providers to give them confidence when talking to customers about potential pension schemes.

NOW: Pensions for example, have explainer videos on their YouTube channel explaining how to set up a pension scheme as an employer. The video (below) is a great resource for our auto enrolment experts to have if they are asked about this process.

[YouTube id = "H5c7RZrU_Gk"]

Our auto enrolment experts also got the opportunity to ask questions directly to NOW: Pensions.

The questions ranged from topics such as whether there were restrictions on the types of businesses they would accept for a scheme to whether bureaus can use themselves as the main contact on their clients pension schemes. These are the types of questions that our staff get asked each day, and this is their opportunity to put them to the pension provider directly, on your behalf.

One thing that was advocated by NOW: Pensions was that payroll is absolutely the number one place to run assessment. This is because all of the information that you need to assess your employees is already in place. This is where the IRIS AE Suite™ comes into the frame.

The IRIS AE Suite™ automatically assesses employees for auto enrolment eligiblity with each payroll run. Unlike using a piece of middleware, it is a simple process where you only need to run your payroll once and the entire process is completed automatically. In addition to this, the legally required auto enrolment communications are generated and distributed automatically as well as electronic payslips and P60s.

The pension output file is also produced within the IRIS AE Suite™ that is then uploaded to the pension provider. NOW: Pensions gave a quick overview of how this is done on their website because the IRIS AE Suite™ produces the necessary file format for NOW: Pensions as standard within the software.

The best way for you to really see how the IRIS AE Suite™ can not only keep you compliant with the legislation, but also streamline your entire payroll process is by sitting on a free demonstration. Need a reason to sit on a free demo? You can read our recent blog post about the benefits of a free, live demonstration here.

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