Practice Perfect – How to make sure your General Practice is up to payroll code

IRIS practice perfect | Practice Perfect – How to make sure your General Practice is up to payroll code
By Alan Gregory | 9th October 2019 | 2 min read

Keeping on top of everything isn’t simple when you’re running a General Practice, you sit down to do one task – and the next thing you know you end up sorting something completely different! Payroll is one area in particular that seems to be constantly crying out for Practice Managers’ attention, with frequent legislative changes, new initiatives and ever growing reporting requirements. Just when you think you’ve got on top of it, it runs away again singing ‘you’ll never catch me!’, but that’s where it’s all about to change, because the Payroll Compliance Guide for Practice Managers is here.

We start with our eight tips for staying compliant

  • Perfect personal records
  • Employee expectations
  • NHS Pensions and Automatic Enrolment
  • Staying up to date
  • Not rushing (‘sure!’ we hear you say, but hear us out)
  • Not being afraid to ask
  • Encouraging employee feedback
  • Not being late

Tips are great and all, but tell me what I need to know!

Don’t worry, we will – and more! We have it all covered, from handling NHS Pensions to tackling the Apprenticeship Levy. Not to mention Right to Work, Income Tax changes for England, Scotland and Wales (a big one to pay attention if you’re near the border!), GDPR, Class 1A Termination Payments and the one that’s getting everyone a little confused at the moment – IR35.

Why is staying compliant so important?

It’s not just the right thing to do, there’s also much more materialistic reasons for keeping on top of changes and ensuring you’re getting it right.

It’s no myth that payroll regulatory bodies are able to wield powers that can demand hefty fines, whether it’s the ICO, HMRC or The Pensions Regulator, they’re all able to enforce sanctions with varying degrees of severity – it could be a £10,000 fine, or a complete halt to your data processing, all things a General Practice can’t afford.

Staying compliant actually allows you to be more effective, you’re able to stay on top of your responsibilities much easier, and plan for upcoming changes and requirements. If you know it’s on the way, and you’re ready, you don’t need to panic! After all, if you end up in a flap, you’re likely to make mistakes.

Not much stays a secret forever, and there’s no doubt that if your Practice is hit with penalties, it’ll get out. Ensuring you’re on the right side of the law protects your reputation, both as a General Practice and as an employer.

The Payroll Compliance Guide for Practice Managers is ready to download today.