Should you be using online payslips?

image 7 1 | Should you be using online payslips?
By Caroline Gammon | 19th August 2021 | 2 min read

Businesses often ask whether they should be offering their employees online payslips.

The short answer: yes!

As the workplace is becoming increasingly digital, we’re seeing a change in employee expectations, with a demand for modern processes increasing rapidly.

What is an online payslip?

You may have heard online payslips go by other names such as digital payslips, e-payslips or electronic payslips.

In essence, an online payslip is all the information you’d find in a typical paper payslip but digitised, meaning it removes the tiresome printing and posting process that comes with payday.

Why should you use online payslips?

By saying goodbye to paper, both you and your employees can gain a wide array of benefits, including:

1) Access payslips anywhere, at any time

Via online payslips, employees can access their current and historic records from any location, at any time, providing them with far more freedom.

So, life-tasks such as supplying banks with three months of payslips to get a mortgage suddenly becomes far easier as employees can quickly grab this information themselves without hassling HR.

person checking their online payslip in a coffee shop

2) Reduce costs

Online payslips don’t only cut out the associated printing and postage costs, but they also save time as it’s far quicker and easier to do it electronically.

So, with all this newfound time each month, HR and payroll professionals can refocus their time on other business-critical tasks.

3) Improve security

Storing all your payslips online through a secure server minimises document distribution, drastically reducing the risk of a data breach or payslips getting into the wrong hands.

4) Make payslips eco-friendly

In many cases, paper payslips are either thrown out or filed away – neither option is great for the environment and the problem is fundamentally rooted in documents being paper-based.

But by digitising your payslips, you eliminate the need for paper, reducing your impact on the environment: something we can all get behind.

Looking for more information

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