Take Charge of Your Own Learning

Take Charge of Your Own Learning | Take Charge of Your Own Learning
By Alan Gregory | 2nd July 2019 | 14 min read

IRIS has launched a brand new approach to payroll training, and it’s pick and mix. Who doesn’t love pick and mix?

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about cramming as many gummy bears and rainbow fizzers into a medium paper cup as physically possible, and silently praying that the checkout staff don’t notice that the lid isn’t quite on (we all do it, it’s okay). However, this is just as good – and you don’t need to worry about crushing it all down to make it fit.

Introducing our brand new training course, where you pick the length of the session and mix the topics until you’ve created your very own individual payroll training program.

Our Design Your Own Training course has been developed to answer our customers’ growing demand for personalised training sessions that focus on the aspects that matter most to their organisation. We’re empowering our customers to create their own training courses from a vast range of topics. After all, you know what you need best.

Who is the course for, and how does it work?

Design Your Own Training is perfect for payroll teams who are looking for a refresher of certain legislative topics and individual software features. Whether you run payroll just for yourself, or you’re responsible for ensuring 1,500 colleagues get a payslip each month, our customisable course will work for you. The course is available as a remote two-hour or half-day session, or you can make a whole day of it with seven hours of onsite training.

Once you’ve selected the length of your training session, you can then choose from our pick and mix topics until you’ve created your own course that meets every single one of your payroll knowledge needs.

Training topics include:

  • Running your first payroll
  • Automatic Enrolment
  • Reporting
  • Redundancy payments
  • Shared parental pay (ShPP)
  • Understanding National Insurance
  • Salary sacrifice deductions
  • Small employer relief

That’s just a small portion of the subjects that we have on offer, and if you’re after something specific – just let us know, we’re more than happy to facilitate!

We don’t need to sell you the benefits…

Nevertheless, we’ll outline them anyway.

IRIS is renowned for our comprehensive training courses that provide in-depth knowledge of both legislation and software functionality. After listening to our most recent customer feedback, we identified a need for cost-effective training with customisable content, enabling you to tell us exactly what you need, so that we can provide the same great training service, only personalised.

By choosing your own training topics, you can create the course that you need the most, for the length of time that you want, and on the date that suits you best.

Design Your Own Training is run as a one-to-one session, enabling you to ask questions and check your understanding throughout – making the most of the time you have with our experienced training team!

If you think that our pick and mix training solution is right for you, get in touch with our sales team on 0344 815 5656.