The launch of NEST Web Services within IRIS Software

By Louise Mulgrew | 3rd November 2015 | 15 min read

IRIS Software is now live and ready with NEST Web Services, one click pension integration, further streamlining the payroll and auto enrolment process.

Currently, businesses that are sending their pension files to NEST following their auto enrolment process; need to log-in to the NEST website to upload the correct CSV format.

With the integration of NEST Web Services within IRIS Software, the file will be created, formatted and sent directly to NEST with just one click.

We are estimating that this will save businesses an hour per payroll run and accountants around an hour per client.

For smaller businesses, this estimated time saving means a more streamlined payroll process, enabling you to spend more time on other areas of your business.

Mark Paraskeva, CEO of IRIS SME Division explained:

Automatic enrolment can be a very time consuming task when carried out manually, and nobody feels this strain more than small and micro-businesses. With 1.8 million businesses left to stage, it’s vital this process is made as simple and accessible as possible to ease the strain.

“This is why we’ve worked with NEST to provide this integrated functionality, meaning significant time savings can be felt by all business and accountants using this service. This time can then be spent adding value to the business and concentrate on what’s most important – business growth.”

Helen Dean, CEO of NEST adds:

“We’re delighted that payroll providers and software developers are working with NEST to integrate our web service functionality, which is designed to streamline the auto enrolment process for small employers. With 1.8 million employers still needing to put a workplace pension in place by 2017, this is a key development in the roll out of auto enrolment. IRIS is one of the first to deliver a solution using NEST web services, helping employers manage NEST from their payroll software.”

This increased time-saving functionality is available in the IRIS AE Suite™. The IRIS AE Suite™ puts the right employees into a pension scheme at the right time, depending on their eligibility (defined by things such as their age, income and worker status... but the software knows all of this already.)

The software then sends out the payslips electronically that your employees can login to a secure portal to view, download or print as they wish. There is even a smartphone app that they can use to view them on the go. P60s are also delivered in this way, as are the all-important pension letters that are automatically generated and sent if and when they are enrolled into a pension.

All of this is done automatically when running your payroll.

Then, if you are using NEST as your pension provider, you can upload the pension file directly to NEST from within the IRIS AE Suite™.

IRIS also support the other main pension providers such as The People's Pension, NOW: Pensions and Aviva to name a few. Pension files are created within the software and if you are using a pension provider that we don't already have a file format created for, we will make a bespoke one for you.

With most small and micro businesses, time definitely equals money. Anywhere within your business that you can save time; such as your payroll process; means you are also saving money, too.

Why don't you see how much time the IRIS AE Suite™ could save you by booking a free, simple 1-2-1 demonstration of the software. No downloads, no installation, no cost. Simply follow the link below, fill in the form and one of our auto enrolment experts will be in touch with you to demonstrate the software.

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