The Pensions Regulator renewed TV Campaign: ‘We’re all in’

By Louise Mulgrew | 14th July 2015 | 13 min read

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) have brought back their initial workplace pensions TV campaign that boasts "we're all in" qualifying auto enrolment pension schemes.

The government and TPR have relaunched the television campaign in an attempt to increase the awareness of auto enrolment amongst employees and they have positioned auto enrolment as a scheme that employees should want to be a part of.

With Theo Paphitis included in the advert, the prominence is on workplace pensions and the fact that if you are auto enrolled, you employer will have to pay in as part of your pension too.

You can see the advert below:

[YouTube id = "_C_rcu4HyIk"]

Auto enrolment is something that is affecting every business and in turn, a large majority of employees within those businesses. Increasing the awareness of auto enrolment to employees will increase the amount of questions and knowledge around pensions. This will ensure that the business owners themselves are more likely to have a better understanding of the workplace pensions reform.

In addition to this, the hope is that the more awareness there is of auto enrolment and workplace pensions, the less likely people will be to opt-out. Auto enrolment was brought in to better prepare society for retirement with an ageing population and reduced ratio of those working to those of retirement age.

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