Who counts as a worker when it comes to auto enrolment? [Video]

By Louise Mulgrew | 17th February 2015 | 14 min read

A couple of days ago we shared a video from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) that explained what employer responsibilities were when it came to auto enrolment. This next video from TPR goes into more detail about who is classed as a worker and whether they will be affected by the workplace pension reform.

In terms of auto enrolment, the term worker is not necessarily specific to the entire working population of the UK. It relates to the nature of the contract to which that employee works under and this is one of the determining factors of how they are affected by auto enrolment.

Moving on from this, employees can be defined into different categories of worker dependant on the amount they earn and their age. Working out each employee's worker status individually is extremely important as it determines whether they are eligible to be auto enrolled or not.

For certain employees that are on the fringe of certain criteria or those working hours that may change between payroll cycles, they must be reassessed each payroll run in order to correctly work out their auto enrolment eligibility.

In addition to this is, the video from TPR answers the question "should a contractor be auto enrolled?" and helps to clear up the legislation surrounding exactly who is defined as a worker, including those seconded into; or out of; the UK.

From watching the video below, you will learn that assessment and reassessment on a recurring basis is extremely important for determining who counts as a worker. In addition to this, you will also find out which category they fit into and what this means for your auto enrolment and how this can be a long, time consuming process.

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To find out more in depth information surrounding who qualifies as a worker and what this means for you as an employer to meet your auto enrolment responsibilities, watch the 20 minute video from TPR below: