A payroll service that scales to support 140 Equivo employees

Needing a payroll service they could rely on, Equivo turned to Cascade HRi and Cascade Managed Payroll to support their HR team of two.

As a leading legal, debt collection, and enforcement services company, Equivo knows a thing or two about payments and people management. However, when it came to their own HR and payroll, they needed a system that could support a small HR team and manage payroll reliably.

Equivo was born from a much larger parent company and inherited their people management systems. However, as these systems were designed specifically for an enterprise-level business, they were much too large and zoomed-out for Equivo’s needs.

Peter Kozma, HR advisor at Equivo, found himself in a team of two, and with a business of around 140 people to manage, they need an HR and payroll system they could rely on. As a result, outsourcing payroll seemed like an obvious solution to help improve efficiency and give them complete peace of mind.

Outsourcing an army

Peter began looking for alternatives. He knew what he was looking for: a seamless employee self-serve HR interface, intuitive employer and employee portals, and a team to take on payroll to free up his time.

He tells us, “Another member of the team actually recommended IRIS Cascade HRi and Cascade Managed Payroll Services, having used it in the past, and when we saw it, we realised it ticked every box for us. The transition to the Cascade system was surprisingly simple, and the outsourcing team immediately jumped into action when it came to payroll.”

With a modern HR solution and an outsourcing army at his fingertips, the pressure was finally off. Peter could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that his payroll was under control. Payroll queries dried up within the first couple of months, which, with a staff body of over 100 people, felt like a huge win.

He tells us, “Knowing that your staff will be paid on time, every time, is a sigh of relief for anyone working in HR. The process each month is smooth, easy and doesn’t cause me any stress – we’ve built up a great relationship with our account manager who we’ve been working with for some time now, I know exactly what she needs from me and vice versa. It’s the perfect solution for a team of our size.”

“With frequent updates to legislation and processes, it’s comforting to know we have the Cascade Managed Payroll Services team on hand to ensure our payroll is compliant month on month.”

For complete peace of mind, try Cascade Managed Payroll Services

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Integrated HR and Payroll with the click of a button

Integrated HR and payroll make life much easier for the smaller team of two, with integration between the systems available at just a click of a button.

Peter tells us, “Our employees and managers having access to HR is such a big benefit for us and means that many HR tasks can be completed without our involvement. Similarly with payroll, the portal allows employees to see everything for themselves, so that our time isn’t taken up answering queries.

Another fantastic benefit is the reports and the way they can be customised – this is very impressive.  We can now simplify our complex data into actionable insights, and with our payroll outsourced it gives us the time to do so.”

"What’s more, the wider team love Cascade HR’s intuitive employee portal, and feel it’s very user friendly."

Peter tells us, “Outsourcing our payroll was absolutely the right thing to do and we’ve been really pleased with Cascade, both the HR system and the managed payroll team. We really enjoy working with the team at IRIS, we feel our feedback is taken on board and we have a fantastic working relationship which puts our mind at ease. We would highly recommend it.”

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