Abingdon Accountancy Centre

The Company
Abingdon Accountancy Centre Ltd is a leading independent organisation serving Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. Founded in 2000, it provides a comprehensive accountancy and business advisory service to more than 130 clients, large and small. Its clients can choose to take as much or as little of the bespoke service the company offers, as they like – from form filling, book keeping and support services to VAT returns, payroll and annual accounts preparation. Abingdon Accountancy Centre provides a tailor made service to suit any organisation’s needs.

The Challenge
Abingdon Accountancy Centre Ltd has been a valued IRIS client for many years. Company founder Mary Chick has always used IRIS PAYE-Master and has found it versatile, easy to use and able to cope well with her extensive workload. But when Mary updated her computer for a wide screen model she found that IRIS PAYE-Master could not be viewed as effectively and she turned to IRIS for help
“When you work with a large number of clients you need a system that works for you.  I was having difficulty reading IRIS PAYE-Master as it was not in a wide screen format. I approached IRIS and they told me they were trialling new software and asked if I would be interested in trying it out,” explained Mary.

The Solution and Benefits
IRIS Bureau Payroll is a new payroll software that provides the ideal solution for Accountants who process multiple payrolls with different PAYE references, payroll bureaux and groups responsible for subsidiary companies’ payrolls.
It features a modern control panel, the Bureau Dashboard, which allows you to search and find a client with minimal information, backup all clients at the same time and view historical data without interrupting work on a current payroll.

Mary has been trying out the system since August.

She said: “The dashboard is good - it looks slick and sharp,” she said.  “The revised format of reports is excellent. I love that you can preview salaries. The payslips are much sharper and easier to read too. I love being able to save a payslip as a PDF too so that I can email it directly to a client.

Information is now available at the touch of a button. If you have a number of companies and can’t remember which client an employee belongs to, you type in a surname and get taken straight to the employee – full name, national insurance number, PAYE details and company. These details can also be amended from the dashboard and are automatically saved in the payroll.

Mary added: “I know most of my clients and many of them are sole proprietors but I would imagine in larger companies that would prove to be very useful.”

The Future
“This is a learning curve and it will take time to get to know the system as well as I know IRIS PAYE-Master,” Mary added.

“But IRIS support is fantastic. They have been brilliant with getting it up and running. IRIS helped get all my programmes across from my other computer and helped to get the data to match the new programme. I can’t fault them.”

IRIS support is on hand anytime it is needed. There are user guides and frequently asked questions on the website and tutorials are available to help you work out a problem. There is a knowledge base for customers to search for the latest support documents and specific information and solutions relating to individual problems.

Mary is now looking to the future and how IRIS Bureau Payroll performs at the end of the financial year.

“The real test will come at the year-end in April and the online filing. Naturally, it will be a challenge using new software but I know that IRIS support is there and available to me at no extra charge.”