Aldens Case Study

We recently spoke with Tim Baker, Finance Manager at Aldens Specialist Catering Butchers to find out about the IRIS Managed Payroll service to see how it has helped the business grow. Tim is the Finance Manager at Aldens Specialist Catering Butchers in Oxford. Established in 1793, Aldens is a family owned business which has been supplying a range of businesses with fresh meat, game and poultry for nearly 225 years.

IRIS Managed Payroll is a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service which is compliant with the latest legislation. The service utilises our extensive knowledge in payroll, built up from over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Having outsourced, Aldens benefited from a stress-free payroll process. Tim explained that “as long as your relationship with the payroll company is good, and ours is good with IRIS then outsourcing your payroll takes a lot of the heat away.”

Business Challenge

With around 70 employees all paid on a monthly basis but on both hourly and salary-based pay periods, Tim found that one of Aldens’ biggest financial challenges was collating their payroll information and getting it up-to-date for each pay period.

Introducing IRIS Managed Payroll

Having over 70 employees who are paid on either a salaried or hourly basis, Aldens opted to outsource their payroll to IRIS to take the hassle out of paying their staff.

The IRIS Managed RTI Payroll service takes responsibility for processing and managing your payroll data while answering your employee queries and liaising with third party agencies such as HMRC, Pensions Providers and Local Authorities, to provide required information.


Aldens have a lot of confidence in IRIS to get their payroll right. “Our relationship with IRIS is good, and we’ve never been let down”, Tim told us.

IRIS use the latest payroll technology which is regularly updated to help ensure that your payroll is done properly every time.

With over 30 years of specialist payroll experience, your business can be confident that IRIS understand all aspects of running payroll.

Time Saving Benefits

Aldens “saves between several hours to a full days’ worth of time each month because of the outsourcing” of payroll. He went on to explain that “there is a great dividend in saving several hours’ worth of work, as it’s time that I can then spend on other matters.”

He went on to explain that keeping up-to-date with the “constantly-changing legislation, stationery aspects such as payslips and auto enrolment communications, and the possibility of printers and IT going down” are just three of the biggest advantages of outsourcing their payroll. By outsourcing to IRIS, Aldens pass over the hassle of payroll over to IRIS, we then help ensure that any changes in legislation are accounted for. Tim went on to mention that knowing that someone else is dealing with his payroll is “a huge weight off our shoulders.”


Tim finished by stating that he would recommend the IRIS Managed Payroll service, “It offers value for money, and I’ve been impressed with IRIS.”