Angela Jenkins Bookkeeping Services Case Study

This case study comes from Angela Jenkins, who provides bookkeeping services through her own company, Angela Jenkins Bookkeeping Services. Angela has been using IRIS for over a decade to run payroll for her clients, initially using IRIS PAYE-Master, before switching to the more powerful IRIS Payroll Business software.


IRIS and Angela Jenkins Bookkeeping Services have built-up trust and understanding after more than a decade working together.

Payroll Reporting

With bookkeeping providers, clients can request information at any time, with IRIS Payroll Business’s powerful reporting feature, generating reports is quick and easy. Angela told us “the reporting features are very useful, especially in my position because if a client asks for something, I can quickly run a report and provide it to my clients which is a real timesaver.”


“Yes I would recommend IRIS, I have done many times over the years. IRIS are very good when it comes to payroll, support and payroll year end. I was actually recommended to IRIS from my previous accountant, and I’ve been with you ever since”