AVN Picktree

AVN Picktree experiences “seamless service” with move to IRIS OpenWebsite for accountants.

Dissatisfied with their website, they chose a bespoke website and online marketing package for accountants from IRIS.

A forward-thinking approach to digital marketing AVN Picktree have been quick to seize the opportunity created by web-based marketing to attract new clients. Rick Peet believes that having a professionallooking website has become essential for any accountancy practice with growth ambitions: “Nowadays, anyone looking to do business with a new company goes online to research their background; it’s become an almost reflex action. I’m sure prospects do so when they’re looking for an accountant. As a result, a strong web presence has become a must.”

Today, AVN Picktree’s own website at www.avnpicktree.com shows a vibrant mix of video and interactive content that hones in on potential clients’ needs and explains how the AVN Picktree team can fulfil them. At the same time, when clients come on board they gain privileged access to resources such as helpsheets, news and tips, and can also securely submit tax return information online.