Beckington CE First School recommend IRIS PlusPay to all!

With less than 100 students, you wouldn’t think that collecting dinner money and payment for trips would be much of a hassle, but Beckington First School are so pleased with the IRIS PlusPay service that they would recommend it to any school!

School Administrator Ann House told us that the whole ParentMail service has been a huge benefit and they have been surprised by how much time it’s saved them and how it’s improved communication with parents.

Beckington CE First School quote - "If I were to speak to a school who weren't using +pay, I would simply tell them how much time I've saved from using it."

However, it’s the IRIS PlusPay service that has transformed the way this school collects and records money. Ann told us, “If I were to speak to a school that weren’t using IRIS PlusPay, I would simply tell them how much time I’ve saved from using it. I no longer have the headache of recording the money that comes in, and it’s so much easier to chase those parents who’ve forgotten to pay, meaning we avoid getting into any school debt. The whole package of ParentMail is fantastic, but IRIS PlusPay has really made my life easier.”

With nearly 100% of parents using ParentMail, Ann is able to send out newsletters, reminders and messages out with ease, as well as requesting dinner money and trip payments with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Ann told us, “We are only a small school, and previously we had trips going on alongside collecting dinner money, we could have £700 of cash and cheques coming in at once, which all had to be added up and taken to the bank. Now, this all happens automatically, and all I have to do is add in those who occasionally pay by cash. It’s saved us so much time.”

And it’s not just the school that are happy with the service, as Ann tells us many parents have commented on how they find it easier receiving messages on their phones or computers, rather than in a letter screwed up at the bottom of a bag. She’s also noticed that parents are far quicker at responding to things like school trips and paying their dinner money.

This is another happy school enjoying how easy it is to use ParentMail to communicate to parents and receive payments. If your school could benefit from improving communication and saving time on administration, simply leave a comment below or email us at