Burgess Consultancy

Burgess Consultancy is a well-established accounting and bookkeeping service based in Bready, County Tyrone.

The company, which has been operating for around 19 years, does the books or payroll for around 20 clients from various backgrounds.

With such a variety of clients, it is important to Burgess Consultancy to use software that is as relevant to a small business as it is to a medium or large-sized company.

Payroll Manager Pearl Chambers first used IRIS PAYE-Master eight years ago after swapping from another payroll package. She was impressed with the payroll software's simplicity, speed of use, and price.

She explained: “I had used another software but it had become very expensive and I wasn’t happy with it. Someone recommended IRIS to us and we had a little look at it and decided it was the one for us. I have been very happy with it.

“We work with a variety of companies. The biggest has around 25 employees. But we also work with companies that may only have two or three employees. IRIS PAYE-Master is just as relevant for the larger companies as it is for the smaller ones.

“One of the most useful features is its net to gross facility so we can work everything back if we need to. And I like the way in which you can export reports directly, quickly and easily. The companies I work with now have their own payslips at their own offices. I can export the information when I have done the payroll and they can print them off at their own convenience. It is very handy. Before, they would have had to come to me to collect them. It’s a time saver. The year-end facility is great too. I do it all online at the touch of a button.

“The helpline is great. I don’t very often have a problem at all but if I have needed to call them in the past they have dealt with everything very quickly and efficiently.

“I am very pleased with IRIS PAYE-Master. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and have already done so.”