Chancellor House Surgery

Chancellor House Surgery and Tilehurst Village Surgery are two sites of a busy practice operating in Reading in Berkshire.

With around 12,000 patients on the books across the two sites, the practice is proud of its continuing high standards of general practice.

The surgeries boast eight GPs, two practice nurses, two phlebotomists, a healthcare assistant, two secretaries, one administrator responsible for patients’ records, eleven receptionists and a dedicated practice manager between them.

With a large number of patients, as well as so many staff, it is important that the practice runs as smoothly as possible over the two sites.

Practice Manager Jan Charlton uses IRIS GP Payroll and IRIS GP Accounts. She believes they have helped the large practice to run more efficiently and have taken some of the stress out of major tasks.

She explained: “Initially I did the payroll and accounts on paper but that was 20 years ago and there were only four people here then. As the practice grew it was necessary to find something that worked better for our needs.

“Both IRIS GP Accounts and IRIS GP Payroll are very user friendly. They are tailored very much to our needs. The accounts package is designed and detailed to take into account the complicated NHS income structure. Our many Enhanced Service & target payments have to be separately identified & accounted for . We have fiddly bits of money coming from different sources for different aspects of the practice and the IRIS software is set up to deal with all of that so efficiently. This has taken a huge stress out of doing the accounts.

“There are many different aspects to a practice manager’s job and IRIS understands that. The end of year process is now very simple. The hassle is gone. The accounts and reports are easy to send straight to the accountant, it all happens electronically. Everything is there.

“IRIS software is very easy to pick up. I’m not particularly accounts minded but it is simple. Everything is regularly updated so you know you are keeping up with any changes. It has had great benefits in terms of my time. It is quick and efficient.
“The support you get is great to. I have had to email the support staff and they look at the problem remotely, identify the problem and sort it straight away.

“ I am always extolling the virtues of IRIS to whoever I speak to. It is great.”