Chandler and Skitmore Ltd

Chandler and Skitmore Ltd is a successful fitted carpet specialist based in Hellesden in Norwich. The family run business, which has been trading for 42 years, was established by the late Gordon Skitmore and is now run by his son Karl.

The family has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that the business delivers the same quality, service and customer satisfaction it has always done.

Chandler and Skitmore prides itself on offering a very personal service to its customers whether they need advice on choosing the right carpet or flooring or getting it fitted.

Karl’s nephew Louis Kean, keeps it in the family, as Head of Customer Accounts. He has been with the business for over ten years. It is important to him that the business runs as efficiently as possible. With five employees Chandler and Skitmore needs a payroll system that is simple, not over complicated and which works as well for a small business as it would for a much larger operation.

Louis uses IRIS PAYE-Master and likes it because of its simplicity and ease of use.

He explained: “Originally the payroll was completed manually in a book. But it wasn’t very practical. When I took over the roll our accountant recommended IRIS to us and IRIS PAYE-Master was the one that suited our needs best of all.

“I like it because it is easy. Even I can use it. We probably use it in its most minimal capacity but whether your company is big or small it doesn’t matter. The payroll is very quick and easy to do. It doesn’t change week to week. Six clicks of a button and it’s done. It actually takes longer to print off the payslips than to actually complete the payroll.

“Last year for the end of year I actually used the facility to file online and it was straight forward. I got through it. It appeared to be very simple and I shall use it again this year.

“The helpline is good. If you ring them they deal with all of your questions really knowledgably and helpfully. I did have to use the helpline to query a payment I had to make and they put me on the right track.

"IRIS PAYE-Master is great. It definitely works for me and as long as it keeps working for me I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone.”