Cobalt Accountancy

Launched in 2008, Cobalt Accountancy is a forward-thinking practice based in Edinburgh. Founded by managing director Kathryn McBean, CA, the firm offers high-quality consulting and financial services, in addition to core accountancy services. McBean’s vision is to help small business owners’ focus on their passion and skill while her firm provides essential financial and business advice that ensures sustained success and growth for her clients. For McBean, this means providing finance director services to all of her 150 clients, and not just being their accountant. To do this, McBean maximises her time by streamlining core accountancy services which include outsourcing routine tasks to IRIS OpenResourcing. McBean explains: “Having set-up several start-ups myself I understand the pressures and challenges facing small business owners. Start-ups and sole traders may have the passion and technical skill, but they don’t always have business experience, especially around the financial side of things. It’s therefore important that we, as their accountant, are able to offer solid business services and advice.”