CPM Ireland

It’s important that a HR solution stands up to the demands that 900 employees thrusts upon it. That’s exactly what Cascade’s cloud based HR software offered CPM Ireland.

“The functionality of Cascade’s product appeared far more advanced than the other suppliers during demonstrations. The software also allowed a high level of customisation to be done in house without the need for costly development work in future.” - Killian Doherty CPM's HR manager

Irish sales and marketing firm CPM revolutionised its approach to Human Resources by investing in Cascade’s award-winning HR technology.

When Cascade’s core HR, training and recruitment modules were rolled out, it revolutionised the team’s approach to managing staff. Gone were the days of wondering whether or not data existed in vast paper archives, before manually inputting information into basic spreadsheets. Now CPM held rich information about every employee, and this data was much more accessible. The HR team also amassed a more comprehensive grasp of HR processes and activities, allowing value-adding reports to be generated quickly, and in only a few clicks.

Yet the true benefits of Cascade were still not being fully realised. CPM had opted to host the software on the company’s own servers – a popular installation route for many Cascade clients. However, the complex infrastructure for this particular organisation meant that users had to first log in to CPM’s servers – located in the UK – before they could access Cascade. If working remotely, quick and simple tasks could become somewhat laborious. Worse still, if employees were working in the field using client computers, they could not use Cascade whatsoever because they had no way of entering the CPM network.

A Human Resources Solution found in a Cloud

In only a six-week period, CPM liaised with Cascade regarding the feasibility of opting to outsource the hosting of the software with Cascade Cloud. They worked collaboratively with the software experts to address any potential apprehensions, finalised costs, planned and executed the project, and then transferred across to Cascade’s hosted solution.
The data migration phase was carefully executed and completed ahead of schedule, minimising the downtime experienced by CPM’s HR team.

CPM has not been disappointed with the results since moving into the cloud. Indeed, the benefits have been numerous:

  • Users of the software now utilise a unique and secure URL which facilitates instant access into Cascade HR, regardless of employee location or the computer being used
  • The high performance hosting means the technology’s availability is unparalleled, enabling the HR team to work much more efficiently
  • Since the transition to the cloud, CPM’s HR Generalist Killian Doherty has noted a significant drop in the number of technical problems encountered. For example, documents can now be uploaded and downloaded consistently, and with ease. The HR team no longer relies on CPM’s IT infrastructure, meaning their work remains undisrupted even if internal technology issues occur
  • If any technical matters do arise, Cascade’s Service Desk has a much clearer view of what may be causing the issue and queries can be quickly addressed. Killian notes that ‘communication channels are coherent and responsive’
  • CPM, like other Cascade Cloud customers, benefits from instant software upgrades as soon as new functionality becomes available. The technology is deployed to all hosted clients simultaneously, because Cascade’s development team does not have to schedule a time to gain access to client servers before the system can be updated
  • Ongoing investment in server upgrades and necessary Microsoft licenses is now Cascade’s responsibility, thus saving all cloud clients a vast amount of money and headache.