Deneside Medical Centre

Dr Reddy’s Practice at Deneside Medical Centre is a thriving modern practice in the heart of County Durham.

The purpose build centre is home to two partners and 14 other staff and serves around 5,000 patients in the Seaham area.

The practice, which is famed locally for its family atmosphere, prides itself on its friendly approach to medical care. With many awards under its belt, including several for Practice Manager Pat Jobson, it consistently shows that it puts patients first.

Deneside’s high standards in medical care are matched by its high operating standards. It works closely with the Medical Protection Society to ensure that it provides a safe and healthy environment for all of its staff.

It is vital that the practice runs as smoothly as possible to maintain such high standards. Pat, who has been classed as one of the top 150 practice managers in Britain, has been a runner up twice in the Practice Manager of the Year awards. She uses IRIS GP Accounts and IRIS GP Payroll and says they have transformed her working practices.

She explained: “I’m not technical. I came into this business with a pen and a paper. And I did everything perfectly well for years doing it that way. I was forced into the world of computers. But now using the IRIS software is just so simple and I cannot believe how I struggled for all those years.

“Payroll is a doddle. With IRIS GP Payroll it is clear and so easy and more than anything it is quick.  And IRIS GP Accounts is the same. I particularly like the layout and style of the whole package. It’s so simple. You can set the headings to suit your particular practice which is good because every practice has different needs. You feel like you are getting a very personalised system.

“The end of year now is great. I used to hate it. I would lock myself into a room and not come out until it was done. Now all I do is call up the information and press a button or two and it’s done. I love it. There is no hassle.

“And if you ever do have a problem, IRIS is always on hand to sort it out. They understand exactly what it is you want to know and get straight on to it.

“As a practice manager you have a hundred other jobs to do and you need something you can rely on and something that isn’t going to take up too much of your time. IRIS understands that completely. You can jump in and out of the system quickly and simply, you can back-track on anything if you need to. IRIS sends you regular updates so you know you are never lagging behind. IRIS has saved me what I need the most and that is time.

“I would always recommend it to other people.”