Fishers Chemist Case Study

March's case study comes from Barbara Kurtz, who alongside her husband, has run Fishers Chemist for over 50 years.

Fishers is an independant community chemist, based in Croyden, South East London, who use IRIS Payroll Business and the IRIS AE Suite™ to run their payroll.

Business Challenge

Barbara explained that a lot of the business’s challenges came from maintaining the best possible customer service and patient care, despite increased competition and Government cuts.

IRIS Payroll Business

Barbara described how IRIS Payroll Business has completely changed the way they pay their 33 employees, by moving the company’s payroll from manual to software, “it’s certainly saved me time and effort”, which is great feedback to hear.

Payroll Year End

Payroll year end can be tiresome for any business, and for Fishers, Barbara explained that it wasn’t a good time of year until the business switched to IRIS Payroll Business. “My end of year calculations never balanced and I used to spend hours adding columns and trying to make figures add up; now it’s just a touch of a button and the software takes case of it.


Barbara finished on auto enrolment by calling the IRIS AE Suite™ “wonderful” and by stating that “without question she would recommend IRIS” and that the “simple to use” IRIS Payroll Business has “made things easier when running her payroll”.