Frontier Developments

We spoke to Frontier’s finance staff about their recent experience with IRIS Financials.

Their previous finance process was not fit for purpose. While the finance team used one system, other departments, such as the development team, used Jira to submit purchases. The two solutions couldn’t communicate with each other, leading to duplicated entries and mass confusion.

In addition, their reporting was time-consuming and led to shallow insight into company finances, which made it difficult to analyse purchasing. Even worse, reporting at management meetings lacked financial clarity, and budget holders struggled to buy into the process.

“We needed one fully integrated solution.” – Amanda Alsop, Finance Manager

The Frontier team worked together to find new finance systems available on the market. At the suggestion of their auditors, Grant Thornton, the Frontier team approached IRIS Financials to discover their offering – and were pleased to find that IRIS perfectly suits their needs!

“Cameron, our consultant, worked together with us to implement a solution,” explained Liz Mitchell Procurement Manager. “He made sure everything went smoothly, which helped us a lot!”

Amanda Alsop, Frontier’s Finance Manager, clarified how IRIS have helped them to implement a solution. “We’ve never led a project like this, but Cameron helped us to focus on our core aims, so the implementation worked to fix every problem we had.”

“Our previous solution had a poor procurement workflow, and the process of finding invoices was completely manual and laborious. Now that the invoice process is electronic and automated, we’ve seen huge benefits, as POs are now checked before actually being posted into finances” – Liz Mitchell, Procurement Manager

With their old solution, both finance systems couldn’t communicate, so purchasing had to manually allocate their purchases with precious little information.

Now, with a single unified system, there’s no more back and forth between departments!

“There are now fewer adjustments for the coding team to make, and budget holders have completely bought into the process.” – Amanda Alsop, Finance Manager

Frontier now benefit from improved control over purchasing, and duplicate purchase orders have been completely eliminated. IRIS Financials has solved the issues Frontier set out to fix; however, they’ve also noticed a number of unexpected benefits.

They now enjoy automated reporting, which simplifies purchasing and financial management and offers crystal-clear clarity. This frees up administrative time for the things that really matter.

“Automation of reporting is a big win for us” – Amanda Alsop, Finance Manager

Their purchasing process has also been tightened up with a robust automated approval process. Now, staff members can’t bypass the proper procedure; instead, it’s automatically filtered to the right people for approval.

“The transition has honestly been an enjoyable experience, and we would recommend IRIS Financials to anybody.”

Frontier are now well-placed to implement further administrative automation and are looking into statutory reporting with IRIS Financials.

“We built a good relationship with our project manager, and we’re continuing to work with them into the future.”

If you’d like to see how IRIS Financials can help your business, contact us today.