Graeme Cook Solicitors

Getting to grips with a new payroll software package is never an easy task. Joining an expanding firm of solicitors with a 40 strong employee base and having to tackle payroll year end and online HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) filing for the first time can be challenging. That was the task facing HR Manager, Margarita Rainford, when she joined the South Shields based Graeme Cook Solicitors and inherited IRIS PAYE-Master. “I had some experience with other payroll systems and was dreading tackling another new system, but it was so easy and intuitive to use the task became so much easier, especially when the end-of-year reporting was due as everything went straight through first time. It was so easy I thought I had made a mistake” she said. Unlike some payroll solutions, IRIS PAYE Master has been designed and developed for the smaller business. It is easy to use but more importantly, it’s intuitive too; no more trawling around to make sure all the boxes are ticked.