Heritage Hotel

Sitting overlooking the seafront in Torquay, The Heritage Hotel and Appleby’s Bar and Restaurant is one of the best located hotels in the English Riviera.

With its stunning views, holidaymakers flock to the 22-bedroomed, 2-family roomed hotel every year.

The hotel also boasts its own leisure club, bar and restaurant so it is popular with visitors and locals alike.

Keeping the hotel running efficiently is the key to its success. It prides itself on its high level of service and attention to detail. The hotel has a mix of 23 permanent full and part time members of staff, but in the summer this can rise considerably with a number of seasonal staff taken on.

Payroll Manager Melanie Ambler uses IRIS PAYE Master to ensure that the hotel, bar and restaurant continue to run efficiently even at their busiest and most demanding times. Melanie explains why IRIS PAYE Master is perfect for a seasonally- boosted and successful business like the Heritage Hotel.

“When I first came here four years ago the payroll was done out of house. I had used IRIS software before in a previous job and had loved it. It does what you ask it to do and remembers everything. You could come out of something and go back into it and all the information was still there, which is not the case with some other packages.

“I mostly like it because of its ease of use. It was simple to learn. It is timesaving. Payroll only takes me about an hour. It can take slightly longer in high season because of the fluctuations in the number of staff, new employees etc but it is just so much easier than using anything else.

“The year end stuff is fabulous now. All the information is there and ready. You are not dealing with reams of paper which sometimes you‘re not sure about.

“And the other big plus is the helpline. I like to be able to talk to someone on the phone who can listen to what the problem is and straight away tell you how you can sort it out. And they do. It’s great.

“I would not hesitate to recommend IRIS PAYE master simply for its ease of use.”