House Owners Conveyancers Ltd

House Owners Conveyancers Ltd start building a foundation with IRIS.

Adams Morey made the decision to use EARNIE payroll software, from IRIS Software Group, after careful consideration of its current software and in context with a significant T&A project due to be undertaken in 2013/14. This combined with a major change to legislation – the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) had led to a review of the options available in the market place.
RTI is viewed as the biggest change to payroll since PAYE was introduced in 1944 and is mandatory for almost all UK employers from 6 April 2013. Adams Morey turned to Isys Systems, a Time and Attendance software provider, who suggested looking at EARNIE payroll software.
Adams Morey has been a major supplier of DAF trucks to businesses across the country since 1973 and has since grown to a company employing over 300 people, across multiple locations, with a turnover of £60 million. 
Shaun Moody, IT Manager at Adams Morey commented: “With the prospect of RTI submission looming we were grateful to Isys Systems for recommending EARNIE software to us; from a company they had a long working relationship with (IRIS).  Intelligent Time (Time & Attendance software) from Isys systems is soon to be installed at our 10 dealerships and will fully integrate with EARNIE software. 
This, and the fact that EARNIE software is RTI compliant, running on a SQL platform, will give us the opportunity to develop a more integrated solution for our business.”
IRIS, who supply EARNIE payroll software, have over 30 years’ experience providing payroll software and solutions to over 30,000 small to medium companies across the UK. IRIS has been participating in HMRC’s pilot scheme for RTI since it began and has used the knowledge gained from this to develop a complete RTI solution, to ensure no business is left behind when the new legislation is implemented. 

House Owners Conveyancers Ltd, a small conveyancing company from London, recently decided to move to IRIS Payroll Business for their payroll. We spoke to payroll manager Maria Oshunrinde to find out a little bit more about what prompted this decision.

The business had been using Sage payroll software but felt it was an unnecessarily large, expensive package for their requirements.

“The cost of the monthly support charge was quite a bit for a company with only one employee on the payroll, it just seemed excessive” Maria commented.

“I tried a few of the free RTI compliant software options from HMRC’s website but eventually landed on IRIS Payroll Basics. This was an easy decision for me as it was easily the most straight forward option and was simple to understand.”

With the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) on the horizon however, Maria felt she would benefit from added support to prepare for the transition and it was now that she began to investigate IRIS Payroll Business.

“My knowledge of RTI was limited, so I knew I would have a lot of questions that needed answering to ensure I was prepared. The fact that IRIS Payroll Business was fully supported as standard, rather than at an additional cost, was a major deciding factor.

In the end I only had to phone support once, although this was during year end which is a difficult time for anyone in payroll! Once I spoke to an adviser my query was addressed simply and I was immediately helped.”

With RTI still in full swing and a range of other legislative changes on the horizon such as automatic enrolment Maria can remain confident that with IRIS she will receive all the support she needs to ensure her payroll will run as efficiently as possible.